How to Monitor Installed Apps on A Computer or Laptop?

Observing someone’s activities on a computer may sound pointless to those who do not give much importance to the potential risks of this digital era. Social media and instant messengers could be unsafe and there are bullies and scammers who are always seeking to trap innocent people.

Many individuals are willing to spy on installed apps of the computers and laptops of their dear ones and staff members. If we talk about children, they are gaining ingress to smartphones and laptops earlier than before. This opportunity has many benefits, but it also makes them susceptible to dangers.

To raise healthy and successful humans, parents should instruct their kids on how to use the internet and protect themselves from nasty people. However, just constructive communication is not enough; you should also install surveillance software on their systems secretly.

Similarly, bosses who want to make their startups successful should rely on spyware. The tool helps you keep a check on each and every deed of your workers and prevent them from wasting time and betraying you.

Can The Spyware Help Me View The Installed Apps On A Device?

Of course, it enables you to get to know about all the installed apps by name on a system. To get rid of your worries, rely on the installed apps feature. With its assistance, you can know about all the installed applications on the tracked laptop by name. The great thing is that you can view the entire list of the installed apps and evaluate what sort of programs your offspring or employees’ are utilizing hiddenly.

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How Does It Work?

Computer monitoring software permits you to gain access to the web portal. After getting ingress to the control panel, you have to visit the monitoring app features and activate the “installed apps tool.” Once you enable it, you will get detailed information about apps that are installed on your target’s computer or laptop. The list will be sent to your portal, so you can check it at any time.

How Can I Take Advantage Of The Installed App Feature?

If you want to know which apps your children or staff members are using on their computers, you should get the computer spyware. First of all, you will have to deploy the tracking app on the targeted device. After the installation process, activate it and get access to the web control panel. There, you will see multiple spy features; you can enable the “installed apps” function.

Who Should Use This Tool?


If you want to know what your offspring are up to on their laptops or computers, then make sure to obtain information about what sort of acts they perform like Instant Viral. Now, you can know about all the installed apps on your kids’ and youngsters’ systems. You can check if the installed applications are games, dating apps, educational apps, or social apps by name.


You can use it on your own device to keep a record of all the installed applications. With its help, you can remove all the unnecessary programs that are accidentally installed on your machine. They can steal your confidential data or slow down the computer’s working.


Unwanted programs installed on your corporation’s devices may compromise the secret data and documents’ security. Additionally, applications such as entertainment, video, social media, games, and others could become the biggest cause of wasting time during shift hours.

Your staff members will spend many hours using them instead of focusing on their duties that will decrease your firm’s productivity. Now, you can secretly track all the installed apps by name on the targeted machine within no time using your web portal.

Other Key Features of The Spy Software

  • Track browser history
  • Capture screenshots
  • Record live screen activities
  • Block websites
  • Monitor live location via GPS
  • Activity logs
  • Surround recorder
  • Monitor stored photos and videos on the machine
  • Keylogger
  • Keep an eye on incoming and outgoing electronic mails
  • Software usage timing
  • Computer or laptop usage reports
  • Logging dashboard
  • Remote access
  • Network data


The surveillance software is a perfect solution for individuals, parents, and managers to Spy on Installed apps of their personal, kids, and team members’ computers.

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