Tips for Junk Car Removal

When you have an old junk car sitting around on your property somewhere it can be hard to know what to do with it once it reaches a certain condition. You might want to sell my car Sunshine Coast car owners, but who would want an old junker that might not even run? Do you just try to give it away to a junkyard somewhere? What you need to do is research and contact car removal services that will come out to where you are. Even cars with no other value as a classic car have some value as scrap. There are also considerations to make about whether they tow cars for free or charge for that.


Getting the best deal for a junk car

Different cash for cars Sunshine Coast services will take different cars and offer slight different amounts. It is worth checking out several online to make sure they are interested in your car and then to get a free quote so you can compare them and get the best deal. It might be tempting to just call one place as that is the easiest option but if you really want the most money you can get for it and not have to pay towing fees, you will need to get in touch with at least a handful.


Some places where you can sell my car Sunshine Coast, charge such fees just to get more money from their customers. There are plenty of removal businesses that do not charge so it is worth double checking as it is a lot better for you to find one that tows it away for free.


Clear out the car before they take it away

It is possible there are personal items still in the car even if it has not been used for a while. Things left in the car boot, things that have rolled under seats or been left in the doors or dash. Check everywhere to make sure nothing gets taken away with the car when the car removal service arrives. If you are able to re-use some things you might consider taking the wipes if they are in good shape, the battery, the spare tire and so on. But if you are not the type to really use them leave them with the car. They will take off anything they can re-use or sell and then scrap what is left. Even very old and rusted scrap cars can sometimes have useable parts on them still.



With the above tips, you can use a cash for cars sunshine coast business to make a little money and get rid of an old car that is hanging around and not looking that great! Remember to compare different services before you choose one so you can get the best offer and free towing and to clear out the car. You will be glad when it is gone as that is one less thing hanging over you that needs to be handled.

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