Why the Need to Change the Default Password of Your Wifi Router?

When it comes to your internet network, the router is one of the important devices in all of your internet connection system. In fact, this is the primary destination for all the different devices to connect on the internet. Furthermore, the importance of a router cannot be underestimated when it comes to providing the internet connection of all the devices. This is the reason why it is a must to protect the username, password, and the network name (SSID) of the router for the overall safety of your internet network. 

 A wifi password makes sure that only a trusted few users can access the web using the router. A unique and strong password ensures that you are making if secure from any unwanted attempts. It is highly recommended that you always change the essential credentials at an equal interval of time. To make the change, you just need the IP address of your router which looks something like this: and this needs to be entered into the URL of your web browser.

Changing the default information is necessary

Whenever you buy a router. They come with a default set of settings and one of them is the default credentials: username and password. Since the brand makes tons of router, they all ship with the same set of usernames, passwords, and SSID. if you leave them unchanged then it can become super easy for an outsider to log in to your router.

This can become a huge loophole which will eventually give access to the user who may then change the important details related to your network. Most of the router manufacturers have a very simple username and passwords for their router. Some of them are:

  • admin/password
  • root/1234
  • username/password

Since most of the default username and password are already out and known to hackers and crackers. It can be very easy to go for them if you leave the default credentials unchanged. Once, the loophole is cracked, then the user can do a lot of things like hijacking the network or locking out the very owner from the network.

You should never make the mistake of leaving the network open. This way you are welcoming lots of problems for yourself. Invaders can access your important files and since they can gain access to your computer that means they can also get access to your bank details and whatnot. Always make sure it is your first priority to change the credentials.

How to Manage Wifi Network Passwords

As part of the process to improve the security of your computer network. Always make sure to change the administrative password and username of your router upon installation. To make this happen, you need to follow a process. In the process you will require the default IP address of the router and once inside the admin panel of your router, you can see for the option that lets you change the default username and password. 


The importance of changing the default password is important because of safety and security purposes. Never underestimate opportunists people who might sneak inside your router to steal important data and information from you.  

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